Integrated Business and Marketing Plan –

A Solid Foundation for Success

We customize each plan according to client need:

  • Executive Summary – Summarizes objectives, mission and keys to success
  • Business Objectives – Defines objectives quantitatively and provides supporting rationale
  • Company Summary – Company history and past performance
  • Products and/or Services Overview – Also products and services in development
  • Market Analysis Summary – Market segmentation and size of market
  • Target Market – Segmentation strategy that clearly defines your target
  • Competitive Landscape – Main players, key messaging and how they go to market
  • Strategy and Implementation Summary – SWOT analysis, competitive edge “what makes your company remarkable”
  • Milestones – Quantifiable goals for your business
  • Marketing Strategy – Aligns and supports business strategy
  • Web Plan Summary – Website strategy and development requirements for new or revised sites
  • Financial Plan – Important assumptions, breakeven analysis
  • Projected Profit and Loss – 12 months to up to five years out
  • Financial Summary – Performance outlook if financing is granted by bank

Your plan may include additional sections not listed, or only some of the sections listed above.  Your plan will be customized according to your specific needs. We provide this plan outline to give a general idea of purpose and content for those not familiar with planning.

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