“Planning takes the guess work out of creating success”

An Integrated Business and Marketing Plan details your market landscape, strategy, business milestones and objectives, financial projections, marketing campaigns and so much more.

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Collaborating to Create Your Brand Marketing Plan

It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

First, we visit with you to learn about you and your business. Then we listen when you tell us about your challenges, previous marketing experiences and preferences. Once we have the whole picture, we help you assess what is working and what is not. The good news is it may not require additional budget, many companies simply shift budget dollars from nonproductive marketing programs and invest in a solid business and marketing plan supported by newer less costly marketing programs. We customize each plan according to client need.

Businesses Finding Marketing Solution Success
“The economy is very challenging for businesses right now, including those that have done well in the past. The issue isn’t necessarily the lack of opportunity; it may be a lack in understanding about how social media and internet technologies have transformed the way people buy products and services. This new way of marketing is called “engagement marketing” and it’s vital to improved return on your marketing investments.”

Cammie McClellan
Founder, Marketing Pursuit
Marketing Strategy and Planning Solutions for Growth

Seek To Understand and You Will

The planning process is an enlightening one:

“Participating in Marketing Pursuit’s business and marketing planning process really opened our eyes to potential opportunities for revenue growth. We were so impressed with our plan that we hired Cammie to help us write all of our client testimonials and develop our website design and content. We’ll be sure to use her again for other marketing related needs.”

Wendy Kerkhoff – CEO, IntelliDig, Founded 2003

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Pricing – We Keep It Simple

It really isn’t possible to offer one size fits all pricing and you wouldn’t want to risk paying more than necessary to meet the needs of your business. That’s why we offer a free consultation, so we can get to know you a little and establish your requirements. We will provide you with a detailed proposal within three business days of our visit and are happy to review it with you to make sure we have captured and addressed all of your needs.