Cammie McClellan - Marketing Strategist


“Most importantly, we share the same values and ethics in working with and for our clients”.

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Cammie McClellan – Marketing Strategist

Cammie founded Marketing Pursuit, a marketing services company  in 2008 to help businesses increase revenue and achieve new milestones through effective strategies, planning and the right mix of sales enabling tactics.

With over 20 years experience in fortune 500 companies in sales, business management and marketing strategy roles, she has also owned and operated three successful small businesses and understands the unique challenges of the small business owner.

She is passionate about the independent business community and is concerned about the erosion of America’s small business frontier. The development of a more efficient marketing services model is a logical progression in helping businesses shift from unprofitable marketing practices to newer online channels that offer better return on investment at a lower cost.

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